About Us

Shanghai Soar Information Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2015, which is a new generation of media company targeting online shoppers around the whole world. We are devoted ourselves to finding ways to bring the best saving opportunities from all stores and brands across all categories globally and creating a shopping experience with added value. We help our customers to make the best choices and, meanwhile, provide advertisers and retailers a diverse range of solutions with great potentials to promote their brands and reach savvy shoppers all around the world.

Also, users can make the best out of their online shopping anytime, anywhere. And all offers and coupons are available for free on our website.

Our Mission

With our excellent and passionated team, we provide shoppers with not only useful, savvy deals and coupons but also saving a lot of time for them. Besides, by processing enormous amounts of data, we deeply understand what shoppers will buy next and delivering the most relevant and personalized offers possible.

Our Values


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Address: Room 811, Tongpu Building, TongPu Road 1220, Putuo District, Shanghai, China

Post Code: 200333

Tel: +8621-52782768

Email: info@soarinfotech.com